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2. What happens if a child is a very selective consumer and doesn’t like drinking plain milk?

A child may stop drinking milk for many reasons, either because he does not like the taste, or because he has some intolerance to it, or is simply bored of it! Find the right solutions:

Lactose-free dairy products on the market can provide the solution in case there is some dissatisfaction behind the problem. Otherwise, you can turn to "nutritional" options, or even smart ways to serve dairy products, so that children can enjoy them.

Create ways to make dairy more interesting! Do not forget that children obey their senses. Add bright, colourful fruit or a little dessert to their yogurt, make their milk chocolatey and make homemade milkshakes together that they will want to consume as a snack. Also, cheese could be another alternative to milk, adding it to salads, toasts, or as an extra side to the main course. It belongs to the group of dairy products and in addition to being a good source of high organic proteins, which contain a large number and the right proportion of essential amino acids required by the human body, it also contains significant amounts of calcium and zinc. Additionally, it contains other important ingredients necessary for the development of children, as well as B-complex vitamins, responsible for the smooth functioning of the nervous system.

Keep in mind that by the second year of their life, children are advised to consume low-fat dairy products and types of cheese, as they contain significantly less saturated fat. So you can choose semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt and some low-fat yellow cheese, put your imagination to work and "supply" their body with nutrients to the bone!

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