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Code of Ethics

he Code of Ethics of CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS guides our everyday business transactions, reflecting our model of proper behavior and company values. The Code dictates to each one of us that the process of achieving our business goals is just as important as the achievement of the goal itself. The Code of ethics of CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS applies to all staff including Managers, Executives and all employees as a whole.

It is very important for every staff member to demonstrate integrity and consistency by complying to the provisions of the Code of Ethics, the policies and all existing rules and regulations of the company. By adhering to our principles in ongoing business relationships and decision making, we demonstrate our commitment to a culture that promotes the highest possible standards of conduct.

Compliance with the Code is ensured with correct judgment and guidance request when questions are raised. If you are not sure how to proceed in a specific situation, ask yourselves:

  • Am I authorized to do this?
  • Is this action correct?
  • Is this action legal and in accordance with the Code of Ethics or with other company policies?
  • Will I take pride in this action if I mention it to someone I respect?
  • Will this course of action improve the reputation of CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS?

If you answer any of the above questions with a NO, or if you have any questions or queries relevant to the implementation or interpretation of the Code of Ethics or any other standard, policy or procedure of CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS, you should discuss it with your Line Manager and the Human Resource Department.

No negative action will be taken against anyone who raises a complaint/accusation, reports or helps in the investigation of a presumed breach of the Code of Ethics unless such an allegation has been made on deliberately false information. CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS will maintain the confidentiality of all complaints to the highest possible degree.

The manual is a tool that aims to regulate our daily operations and conduct. To this aid, its content includes not only the definition of our core corporate values, but also the desired conducts that stem from our values.

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