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The first milk of Cyprus, our pure, nutritious fresh milk.

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The new Charalambides Christis Organic Cow Yoghurt made from cow milk which is exclusively of natural breeding.

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Straggato snack is a fully recommended option, directly adjusted with the current lifestyle that requires fast, tasty and healthy snacks.

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Pissourkotiko Sheep Yoghurt is associated with authenticity and tradition and at the same time, it fully satisfies the most modern needs of consumers who are looking for products with high nutritional values in the Mediterranean diet.

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Α dessert yoghurt for kids with all the nutrients of yoghurt, rich in valuable high organic proteins, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. 

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Delicious combinations of flavours with the authentic taste of Straggato.

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Our dairy cream, rich and full of flavour for special light pleasures.

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Our traditional halloumi. An authentic Cypriot product that brings together with its top taste, all the advantages of sheep's milk!

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Straggato yogurt 0% and forest fruits. The delicious, healthy and cool suggestion, the ultimate snack!

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Charalambides Christis is the largest and longest-running dairy company in Cyprus. It remains a leader in the food production and distribution sector, timelessly providing, and always in accordance with international standards of quality and know-how, products of high nutritional value and quality, while preserving the authenticity of flavours. It is one of the most powerful industries in the country and is also distinguished for its Corporate Social Responsibility, with the active giving and social solidarity programme "SYMMETOCHI", embracing the whole of Cyprus, and providing thousands of smiles to children’s faces.  The quality of Charalambides Christis is internationally recognised with the company being active in more than 32 countries, making it the largest export company in the food industry in Cyprus.

Our vision is to be the largest and most innovative food production and distribution company in Cyprus, adhering to international standards with regards to quality and expertise, providing consumers with products of the highest nutritional value, while staying true to the values of our company.


Cooking Stories by Charalambides Christis

Yogurt! It has been an integral part of our diet for 5000 years now, known as the food of Gods for many cultures around the world. In Cyprus, we know all about yogurt. It has been deeply rooted in our habits for centuries, an essential accompaniment for most people – it’s almost a part of our cuisine, but it can also be a refreshing dessert combined with fruit, honey, nuts, and many more.

For Charalambides Christis, the variety of yogurt which is produced, is considered to be of high quality and constitutes as a ‘’symbol’’ of its products. It is the perfect example of the most modern, technologically advanced production, with the utmost respect for tradition as well as for the authentic and cherished flavours.

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A delicious feast, by Charalambides Christis

Cooking Stories by the renowned chef George Erotokritou!

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May 8, 2020

Charalambides Christis, in the context of the activities of our social solidarity programme "Symmetochi", and in collaboration with the Organisation REACTION, having faith in doing our best, faith in a better tomorrow, and in a better world for all of us, has created the initiativeFamilyStoriesbyCharalambidesChristis.

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February 28, 2020

Charalambides Christis, the largest dairy industry in Cyprus, recognised for its quality and innovation, is evolving the #myMilk consumer rewards programme. The programme was created two years ago, to reward and thank consumers for the love and trust they show for the Charalambides Christis brand.

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