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Dairius Environmental Project – Energy Production from expired dairy products in Cyprus

A particularly important environmental project is now underway in Cyprus, started as an initiative of Charalambides Christis. The DAIRIUS project aims to develop a sustainable solution for the complete energy exploitation of expired dairy products utilizing existing central units for anaerobic co-digestion of agro-industrial waste.

The project is co-financed by LIFE+, the EU Financial Instrument for the Environment. The DAIRIUS project has been developed to create the optimal solution for the management of expired dairy products in Cyprus, aimed at producing biogas, then utilized for energy production.

Anaerobic digestion technology is a desirable solution for processing these by-products, reducing pollution from high organic waste loads, contributing to the protection of the environment while aiding in the reduction of the greenhouse effect. Anaerobic digestion is a carbon dioxide neutral technology, producing methane in the process, which can then be recovered to fuel electricity production systems.

The DAIRIUS project has also facilitated research into the Cypriot dairy industry as a whole, as well as the design, construction and implementation of a pilot plant. Beyond environmental protection, the DAIRIUS project is exemplary when it comes to handling expired dairy products on an international scale. Project partners include Charalambides Christis, Patra University, RTDTalos, the Environmental Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, AnimaliaGenetics and GreenTechnologies.

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