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Straggato 2016

Straggato Charalambides Christis
#To kalitero mas!
The official yoghurt of the Cyprus Olympic Team

With the main message ‘’To kalitero mas!’’ and the starring athletes of our Olympic team, who participate in the Rio Olympics with the colours which represent Cyprus, Charalambides Christis proudly presents, in an impressive campaign, the completely renewed range of strained yoghurts.

Straggato, the undisputed leader in the yoghurt market in Cyprus, is establishes its leading position, with significant innovations and investments, aimed at the quality assurance of Charalambides Christis. The Straggato family, which includes the ‘’Authentic’’ and the ‘’Light’’, is enriched with the new 0% fat free yoghurt, while for the first time the new 2% low fat yoghurt is introduced in the Cypriot market, offering additional options for those who look after their diet.

The range is now available in new sizes and ergonomic packaging, which is convenient to hold and store, but also with new vibrant, bright colours that make them stand out.

Charalambides Christis also dynamically enters the category of fruit yoghurt, with the launch of the new Straggato fruta. It is free of any fat and sugar (0% fat, 0% sugar), its sweet taste is owed to the fruit and the natural sweetener stevia. It is available in five delicious combinations of fruit and superfoods: Straggato fruta Strawberry, Straggato fruta Peach, Straggato fruta Superfood Berries, Straggato fruta Detox Mix and Straggato fruta Exotic Mix.

Charalambides Christis Straggato, the official yoghurt of the Olympic Team.

To kalitero mas!

#StraggatoTeam#ToKaliteroMas #Rio 2016

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