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Life Natural Juice 2020

Life Juice: Everything, new!

Delta, has "changed the game" especially with the Life Juice line which has turned into… tradition!

So, once again, it is a pioneer with its three new unique lines that become the flavours of our lives for every unique and different moment as well as communicating its "news" with an equally brand-new campaign.

Delta's new tasty suggestions are the Super Fruits, a unique innovation for Greece and Cyprus that combines everything that a neat diet requires without any reductions on enjoyment, the Fruits of our Country with favourite flavour combinations of 100% natural juice and 100% Greek fruits and Seasonal Fruits, with perfect combinations of flavours from the best and juiciest fruits that nature gives us every season.

The enjoyable film about Life Juice, places them literally in the centre of life, in a traditional orchard with everything happening around them. Happy voices of carefree children playing, cool images and a sense of vitality dominate and within 16 seconds, the short film shows all the values of Life Juice: Life, in every moment - Nature in our glass.

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