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Galataki 2017

Cyprus favourite milk gets its name
with which we have referred to it for so many years…
galataki, « PantaStiZoiMas ».

The galataki Chocolate and Banana milk, which many generations were raised with, is the only one made entirely in our country for 45 years from fresh, Cypriot milk.

It contains all the nutritional and dietary values of milk, it is suitable for all ages and for all lifestyles, and due to this fact, galataki has been and will always be in our hearts, « PantaStiZoiMas! » It is ideal for children, who need calcium and vitamins during their development, but also for those who exercise and are looking for a natural drink to regain their strength after training. It is an enjoyable choice for those who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle, but also for those who want to eliminate sugary drinks from their diet. It is the most favourite mini-break, for students, but also for those who are looking to satisfy their thirst ‘on-the-go’.

Everyone in Cyprus is talking about galataki, since the new name has been revealed through an impressive, nationwide advertising campaign, which reminds us why the galataki is the most favourite Brand in Cyprus! And since this is actually a true love story between the Cypriot public and this unique drink, the new campaign goes on air today, February the 14th, when we celebrate the most popular day of love in the world.

The campaign of Charalambides Christis includes television advertising, outdoor signs, online campaign on social media and a strong presence in all malls, supermarkets, bakeries and kiosks in Cyprus.

galataki now bears the mark of “Symmetochi” and is included through various activities in the social solidarity programme of Charalambides Christis.

The Chocolate milk is available in packages of 250ml and 330ml, while the Banana milk is available in a package of 330ml.

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