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Children Future Citizens

Following 2 years of active social contribution, the solidarity programme "SYMMETOCHI" announced its cooperation with the University of Cyprus for the implementation of the Pancyprian School Competition of Primary Education "Children, Citizens of the Future", with  CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS contributing a grant of 100 thousand euros for the project.

Responding to the needs of children and the commitment of the programme "SYMMETOCHI" to contribute to society, the project - which is implemented under the Health Education Studies Programme - will create functional facilities of artistic interest within the school areas.

Students will have the opportunity to exhibit in various ways within these areas, on individual and group levels of thinking, feelings, ideas, experiences, suggestions and actions, which they will share with the wider school community, rewarding creativity and freedom of expression.

The model for the proposals of the competition was based on the project that was created at the Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios primary school, an artistic facility of spontaneous and creative expression of activities, a proposal made by the students of the school.

The project - which is almost coming to an end – has been implemented so far with great success in four stages:

  1. The announcement of the competition in all schools throughout Cyprus
  2. The evaluation and selection of the proposals by a special committee
  3. The development of the proposals by students of Architecture, and
  4. The implementation of the projects

The results of the competition, in which students from 50 schools were invited to give complete proposals and models for the creation of the facilities in schools, were announced at the honorary commendations for the participation awards ceremony, which was held at the University of Cyprus on Thursday November 26th, 2015.

The special five-member Evaluation Committee, which  was set up to evaluate the proposals, unanimously concluded to award three prizes to three schools:

  1. St. Andreas Primary School
  2. The Regional Primary School of Tamassos
  3. Chryseleousa Primary School
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