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Charalambides Christis, adapts the slogan of the company "To kalitero mas!" through the main message "To Kalitero sti diatrofi mas" wanting to highlight the nutritional benefits of Charalambides Christis products.

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Breastfeeding is a gift of life

Concerning the context of social responsibility, CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS supports the Cyprus Breastfeeding association called ‘’Δώρο Ζωής’’ by contributing a donation to hold the annual event ‘’Global Simultaneous Breastfeeding’’.

The event aims to inform and support all the new mothers who choose to provide their children the invaluable gift of breastfeeding.

The Global Simultaneous breastfeeding is a representation with an international character, while the event takes place at the same time in 250 centers installed in nine different countries.

Moreover, since 2009, CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS has created the Cyprus Breastfeeding Line 8000mama (6262), from which each new mother can make a FREE call for information and enquiries regarding breastfeeding. The line is staffed with midwives and specialized breastfeeding consultants for the best handling of all the possible questions which can arise during breastfeeding.

Recent Activities

The World Simultaneous Breastfeeding Event 2018

Charalambides Christis programme of social solidarity and active giving “SYMMETOCHI” invites for yet another year all new nursing mothers to participate in the traditional annual Simultaneous Breastfeeding event, which will take place on Saturday October 6th, in all cities of Cyprus.

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The World Simultaneous Breastfeeding Event 2016

The World Simultaneous Breastfeeding event has become an established practice for young mothers and was held for another year with the support of CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS within the framework of the social solidarity programme "SYMMETOCHI"

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