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CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS employs more than 600 people depending on the seasonality.  All staff works closely together, something which is considered to be a great asset for the future. The new share structure -punctuated by the fact that the company returned to Cypriot hands in 2012- created a new dynamic within the staff, allowing for personal contact between each staff member and company owners. The company continually works towards the development and progress of all employees. CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS relies on the dedication, hard work and love that its employees show towards the company.

CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS has a close relationship with its employees, sharing their concerns and appreciating their hard efforts, while simultaneously showing its appreciation for the love and passion they demonstrate towards their work.

A successful working relationship can only be achieved in an environment characterized by trust, open and sincere communication, and respect. The fact that everyone works together in harmony, focusing on common goals, is the guiding force towards success. For this dynamic team spirit to work, each individual must assume his/her responsibilities and feel certain that everyone else does the same. We offer the necessary support to each other, recognizing our co-dependence on each other. Every individual is responsible for placing high standards on his/her performance levels by setting their own example and creating an environment where team work is fostered.

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