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Galataki 2019

Energy, protein, recovery!
This is your galataki!
The new campaign of Charalambides Christis
the unique Cypriot love brand,

Having as an inspiration the young people of all ages who love action in their lives, Charalambides Christis starts the World Milk Day on the 1st of June, a multidimensional digital campaign, with our favorite galataki being the main star of this campaign. “This is your galataki”, is the general title of the campaign through which three thematic topics are represented, which are Energy, Protein and Recovery, the essential nutritional benefits that galataki offers to our body!

The galataki Charalambides Christis, is the only one made from fresh milk, which is nutritious, stimulating, healthy, enjoyable and combines carbohydrates and proteins of high nutritional value, the necessary amount of fluids for hydration, amino acids and trace elements such as calcium, zinc and sodium. Therefore, it meets the energy requirements for simple or intense exercises either before or during, as well as the need for strength during exercise and muscle recovery after training.

As part of the campaign, a special brochure has been designed as part of the campaign which includes detailed information about the benefits it offers., the unique love brand, about galataki Charalambides Christis, which has been at the top of our preferences for decades, a daily pleasure, a timeless food choice, is… PantaStiZoiMas!

#CharalambidesChristis #ToKaliteroMas

Charalambides Christis is the largest and oldest dairy industry in Cyprus. It is a leader in food production and distribution. The company, preserving the genuineness of each flavour, over this time has offered products of high nutritional value and quality which are always based on the international quality standards. It is considered one of the most powerful industries in Cyprus, Charalambides Christis is also known for its Corporal Social Responsibility. With the practical contribution programme and social solidarity of the company «SYMMETOCHI», it embraces the whole country spreading thousands of smiles on the children’s faces. The quality of Charalambides Christis is internationally recognised with the company actively exporting in more than 32 countries, making it the largest exporting company in Cyprus.


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