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CSR Symmetochi

In these difficult economic times, CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS remains loyal to its vision, while focusing on its Corporate Social Responsibility. As a Cypriot-owned company, it aims to promote messages of hope and optimism for the future of the country. To achieve this goal, CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS has put into practice a comprehensive Social Corporate Responsibility programme, named SYMMETOCHI (participation).

SYMMETOCHI was established based on research that evaluated society’s needs for the welfare of children during tough economic times. It is a campaign based on volunteerism and is centred around children and the improvement of their sanitary, nutritional, educational, and entertainment needs.

CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS social responsibility also involves the financial support of elementary school programmes, as well as supplying free milk to The Large Families Association (families that have more than three children) and food banks. The company also supplies free chocolate milk to, among others, underprivileged children in elementary schools. Regarding the sustainability of the environment, the company implements a System of Environmental Management and is a member of Green Dot. It also participates in the EU Dairius programme, which has an aerobic and anaerobic liquid waste processing unit.

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