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Charalambides Christis, is the largest and oldest dairy industry in Cyprus as well as the top leader in food production and distribution. The company, preserving the genuineness of each flavour, over this time has offered products of high nutritional value and quality which are always based on the international quality standards. The quality of Charalambides Christis is internationally recognised with the company actively exporting in more than 32 countries, making it the largest exporting company in the food industry in Cyprus.

Apart from being one of the most powerful industries in Cyprus, Charalambides Christis is also known for its Corporate Social Responsibility. With the practical contribution programme and social solidarity of the company «SYMMETOCHI», it responds nationwide, effectively to the social needs of the whole country.

The significant recent changes in the modern history of the company are about important launches which have admittedly changed the consumer-relationship with the product. It is regarding the new package of fresh milk with a handle, as well as innovations in product categories such as yogurt. In addition, the company has become more innovative in regards to interactive communication with the consumer, but also in general with its unique way of communication.

Charalambides Christis was created through the joint venture of the two largest dairy industries of Cyprus, Charalambides Dairies LTD and Christis Dairies LTD.

In 2011, the company was taken over by Cypriot entrepreneurs, Mr Alexis Charalambides, Menelaos Shakolas and their partners who acquired 90% of the capital stock of the Vivartia company (Cyprus). 

The complete acquisition of the company occurred in November 2014, with Charalambides Christis being taken over by 100% Cypriot local people.

This takeover is one of the biggest which occurred within the food industry and one of the most significant ones Cyprus has experienced the past few years.


  • Turnover: €115 million (2018 figures)
  • Local sales: €76 million
  • Exports: €40 million in 24 countries worldwide
  • More than 700 employees
  • Cooperation with 31 of our exclusive cow farmers and more than 100 goat and sheep farmers.
  • Annual processing of more than 58 million litres of cow’s milk and 15 million litres of goat’s and sheep’s milk.

The history of Charalambides Dairies

Company operations began in Ayioi Omoloyites in 1945, led by Takis Charalambides and his brother in law, Evris Nicolaides. The two men started the company with one cow at the Charalambides family house; and soon after, they proudly owned ten cows. The cows were at the family’s house. 

The first customers they had were their neighbours, while British nationals made up the vast majority of the clientele when distribution began.

As milk bottles did not exist at the time, old cognac and beer bottles were re-used after being washed, covered in cellophane, and then ‘sealed’ with a rubber band. Later on, when distribution began, milk was sold in special glass milk bottles.

In 1949, the Charalambides farm grew bigger and moved to Acropolis (a Nicosia suburb) while the Charalambides family home became a dairy factory. Larger premises were built in Acropolis and the number of cows grew.

In 1956, Loukis Charalambides joined the company as a partner, followed by Demetrakis Charalambides in 1957. Following this, the company changed its name to ‘’Charalambides Dairy Farm’’.

1957 was a turning point for the company as the Acropolis premises were transformed into a dairy production facility where the pasteurization process was then put into place. A few years later, the farm moved to Lakatamia (Nicosia suburb).

In 1963, the company began its cooperation with the Swedish firm ‘’Tetra Pak’’, which they had introduced the revolutionary disposable packaging to the Cyprus market. The packaging was pyramid-shaped and was available in half and a quarter litre. The milk is now pasteurized and homogenised.

At this stage, the milk is pasteurized and homogenized.

On October 16th, 1968, the company changed its name to Charalambides Dairies.

In 1971, Charalambides Dairies was a step ahead of the rest once again, with the introduction of Gable Top packaging (classic paper carton) – as a result of the company’s cooperation with the Norwegian Elopak company.

In 1971, Charalambides Dairies relocated to its new premises in Lakatamia.

The incidents, which occurred in 1974, brought the end to the door to door distribution and milk began to be solely distributed to retailers.

On September 10th 2007, Vivartia Greece announced its intention to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec) to acquire the total number of shares owned by Christis Dairies. Along with the Charalambides Dairies takeover, a new company was formed, named Vivartia (Cyprus) Ltd.

By the end of 2011, 90% of Vivartia Cyprus Ltd was acquired by companies of the Constantinos N. Shakolas Group and the family of Alexis and Elena Charalambides.

The history of Christis Dairies

Christis Dairies was founded in 1961 by Mr Christis Georgallidis, who created a small milk pasteurization centre in the centre of Limassol with the main task of milk processing, pasteurization and bottling. The original production was around 300 bottles per day. Over time, the company has implemented innovative production methods through its advanced facilities.

1974 was a milestone for the development of the company as it launched a cheese production facility, addressing the great demand for such products.

In 1985, Christis Dairies moved to a new modern production factory in the area of Agios Athanasios in Limassol.

With the completion of the company’s factory, the industry of Christis Dairiesexpanded its production UHT in 1986.

In 1988, the company started an important export campaign with halloumi cheese, anari cheese and UHT being its main products.

The year of 1995 was a turning point for the company. While examining the strengths of the field, Mr Christis Georgallidis provided 50% of Christis Dairies‘capital stock to the CTC Company. This move had as a main goal the reinforcement of the company’s capital base within the international world which progressed with the signing of the multiannual contracts with the Danish companies ‘’NORDEX’’ and ‘’EMBROG’’ for the halloumi cheese annual production and trading having the UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, Germany, Greece,  the USA, Sweden and more as their main destinations. The list of the export countries is constantly growing.

In 1996, Christis Dairies was certified by the international system of quality assurance ISO 9002.

In 1999, a completely new and super-modern unit for cheese produce was put into operation complete with equipment of the latest technology allowing for the production of a larger variety of top-quality cheese products.

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