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The World Simultaneous Breastfeeding Event 2020

October 10, 2020

Charalambides Christis firmly supports the Simultaneous Breastfeeding event this year as part of the social solidarity and active giving programme "Symmetochi".

Through the social social solidarity and active giving programme "Symmetochi", Charalambides Christis has been an active supporter of the Pancyprian Campaign for Simultaneous Breastfeeding.

Specifically, Charalambides Christis and the fresh milk Charalambides Christis Plus enriched with + 40% natural calcium, vitamins A&D and folic acid, which strengthens the body and contributes to good bone health, support the event for the 14th consecutive year.

As the largest producer of dairy products in Cyprus, Charalambides Christis is a long time supporter of breastfeeding, supporting mothers who choose to give their children the invaluable gift of breastfeeding. At the same time, it systematically promotes the value and benefits of breastfeeding to the Cypriot society.

The Pancyprian Simultaneous Breastfeeding events have been established as a successful institution, attracting mothers and children from all over Cyprus every year.

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