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Charalambidis Christis launches in the Cypriot market three more new codes of the leading company Barba Stathis

January 4, 2021

For years now, Charalambides Christis is well-known for its high Quality at all levels which is now part of our corporate identity.

Regarding this context living in an era in which of our lives are becoming fast paced, collaborating with the leading company of its kind, Barba Stathis, we are launching three more new codes in the Cypriot market.

More specifically, the two codes are based on the series ‘’Lets cook’’ nutritious, family meals which require a very little preparation time and reflect flavours of traditional recipes that we love both in Cyprus and in Greece, and another code with the traditional and nutritious Greek greens, radishes:

 ‘’Lets cook’’ series.

  • Barba Stathis Borlotti beans casserole 1000g: combination of vegetables with high content of fiber and vitamin C.
  • Barba Stathis Chickpea soup 750g: combination of vegetables with high fiber content.


  • Barba Stathis Greek greens - radishes 600g: With a high content of vitamin A, C and protein, Barba Stathis brings another famous vegetable to your plate!

Barba Stathis products have been known for 50 years, not only for the high quality that characterizes them, but also for the unique taste of the vegetables they offer. The Barba Stathis team is there at every step of the production, while the harvest, transportation, immediate freezing, and all the procedures in general are strictly controlled in every detail. For these reasons, the freshness and nutritional value of all Barba Stathis products have been without a doubt the product with the highest quality in the market for so many decades.

With the new Barba Stathis products, all together, we improve both the quality of our diet as well as the quality of our daily life.

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