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Charalambides Christis taking part in Mitsero Mine Run along with our fully flavoured and energising galataki!

February 23, 2023

The 5th «Mitsero Mine Run» Marathon was full of energy and had perfect taste! Do you know why? Because on February 23, 2023, the team of Charalambides Christis participated and sponsored the Mitsero with their galataki and won the 4th honorary place in the corporate race of 5.5 km!!

The Charalambides Christis galataki, which generations and generations have grown up with and continue to do so, is the most beloved product in our country!

It is the only galataki made entirely from fresh Cypriot milk, with pure ingredients and nutrients for the body, high nutritional value, and rich in valuable proteins, vitamins, minerals and calcium.

It is the No.1 galataki in Cyprus because it contains all the nutritional and dietary values of milk:

It provides energy, is irresistible in taste and is ideal for all ages and every type of lifestyle.

It is also unique for those who exercise and demand a healthy lifestyle, giving young and old energy, at every moment!

Charalambides Christis, always putting the needs of its consumers first, also launched in the market the 250ml galataki without added sugar. It is a product that offers consumers the opportunity to consume sugar without consuming sugar. It is suitable for those who cannot or do not want to consume sugar, and this way they can enjoy their favourite galataki without any guilt, now without added sugar while its taste is not compromised either.  

So, it is ideal for all of us who seek the best for ourselves and do not want any limits on enjoyment! That's why the galataki of Charalambides Christis has been and will always be in our hearts, always in our lives! 

The race was organized on February 19, 2023, in collaboration with the Mitsero community council, rewarding the runners who participated with beautiful outstanding images, scents, and colours of the area.

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