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“Every day, is wonderful, with our best!” The new, wonderful advertising campaign of Charalambides Christis

April 19, 2023

The new campaign of Charalambides Christis premiered with exclusive promotion on the company's social media on Easter Sunday and then on our screens and in all other media, on 17 April.

The campaign is flooded with optimism, warm human relationships, and reminds us that... “Every day is wonderful when you give it your best”, thus summing up, the entire corporate philosophy of Charalambides Christis, a timeless dedication to offering our “best”.

Filmed in wonderful locations in Cyprus, with nature underlining the company's values, it passes through the standard and certified animal welfare farms of Charalambides Christis, taking us into a world of care and love. The world of the Cypriot Family where every day and in every moment Charalambides Christis are present. Because all its products, fresh milk, galataki, Strangato yogurt, Pissourkotiko sheep yogurt, traditional Pissourkotiko halloumi are integral parts of the daily life of the protagonists, all symbolizing the mood and desire, every day to be wonderful”.

Through the highly aesthetic production, viewers perceive Charalambides Christis's inextricable ties with society, the company's sensitivity to the environment, family, society, and the dominant sense of responsibility that characterizes it. A responsibility that is always expressed through the high nutritional value of its products. Charalambides Christis's van also plays a leading role, symbolizing the company's leading distribution network, which every day covers the needs of its consumers throughout Cyprus through 3,200 points of sale.

Young and old will experience the “wonderful day” at every reference point of their daily journey, since Charalambides Christis's new campaign is based on an omnichannel strategy aiming at consistent communication and connection with each Cypriot individually. The campaign is designed at ATL (Above Line Marketing) and BTL (Below Line Marketing) levels, so that the consumer has daily contact with the products through television, radio, points of sale, on-the-ground actions with the company's van, and digital activation, both online and on social media.

The TV campaign includes equity and five product films that will evolve in the coming months, showcasing them initially, exclusively on social media and then on our small screens, reminding us daily of the reasons why every day, all day can be wonderful!

The television films were produced by Semio Productions, and directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos and Paris El Said.

See the movie here

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