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Inauguration of the Greek and Philanagnosia Classrooms at the Chryseleousa Primary School and the Lakatamia III Primary School in Nicosia.

January 28, 2020

On Tuesday January 28th, 2020, the inauguration events of the Greek and Philanagnosia Classrooms took place at the Chryseleousa Primary School and the Lakatamia III Primary School in Nicosia.

The classrooms were created following the awarding of the students of these schools, within the context of the Pancyprian Educational Competition "School Community Readers", that was announced by the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with Charalambides Christis programme of active giving and social solidarity "SYMMETOCHI". Specifically, the cash prizes received by the winning schools of the Pancyprian Educational Competition were used in accordance with the suggestions submitted by the schools themselves, for the creation and provision of comprehensive technological equipment of the Greek and Philanagnosia classrooms, in order to promote philanagnosia and for education to be carried out with modern and interactive methods.

In his speech, the headmaster of Chryseleousa Primary School, Mr Iosif Zervos, thanked Charalambides Christis for their generous contribution and for raising awareness about education, and stated that investing in education constitutes the highest contribution to society in general.

The headmistress of Lakatamia III Primary School, Mrs Erasmi Vanezi, said in her speech that “today is a very special day, as soon as we inaugurate our school library, it will mark the beginning of its operation, and will give children the opportunity to connect with and learn to love books within a suitably adapted environment”.

Addressing the events, the Managing Director of Charalambides Christis Mr Marios Konstantinou, emphasised: “The Philanagnosia classrooms are the active promotion of the love for knowledge, that we are inaugurating in these 2 schools today, in the context of the Pancyprian Educational Competition "School Community Readers". Imagination, inspiration, creation, willpower, and perseverance! These are always the perfect principles that are needed to fuel any goal that wants to be accomplished. The Philanagnosia classrooms will certainly flourish in the hearts and minds of the students.

The Charalambides Christis family will continue to be by your side for whatever you may need, and at the same time, it will relentlessly continue to offer to the community through the social solidarity programme "SYMMETOCHI" which extends to more than 48 activities throughout Cyprus”.

During his speech, the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Prodromos Prodromou, warmly congratulated the staff and children both for the outstanding magazine Philanagnosia that they created as part of the competition and for the design of the classrooms, and thanked Charalambides Christis for the opportunities it provides to schools to realise their dreams.

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