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Pancyprian Primary Schools Drawing Competition

June 11, 2021

In the framework of the Pancyprian Action and Awareness Campaign, ‘’Symmetochi kai Perfifania gia to Paraolympiako Pnevma’’ ("Participation and Pride for the Paralympic Spirit"), by the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee, in collaboration with the program of practical contribution and social solidarity program of Charalambides Christis, ‘’SYMMETOCHI’’, the Award Ceremony of the works that stood out took place on the 8th of June at the Olympic Hall. The little painters ushered by their teachers, received the awards and saw their works represented on the collectible packaging of Charalambides Christis fresh milk. 

In order to thank the children for their participation, the Charalambides Christis company created a series of collectible packages. Each package of Charalambides Christis Fresh Milk represents the light and inspiration that is reflected by the children’s work who painted it and participated in the Pancyprian competition. So together with the Primary school children from all over Cyprus, who were inspired by the Paralympic spirit and honoured the winners of life, our Paralympians, they send a resounding message of participation and pride. "Everyone has the right to sports!"

The competition ran during the 2019-2020 school season, among the students of Primary Education, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. 

The aim of the competition was to inform the children and raise awareness about the Paralympic Games.

22 schools from all over Cyprus participated with remarkable participations, full of inspiration and sensitivity about the difficulties that athletes are called to overcome, as well as the equal rights and opportunities that everyone should have in sport. In sports, all people have the right to do it without exception because what matters the most in sports is every person to do their best. This is the spirit which inspired/moved the students who participated in the competition and for once again their work has proved that most of the times, children in general but our own children as well are better than we are.  

The competition has proved that the children’s creative expression for spreading the Paralympic spirit, is derived from empathy and awareness of the essential strength that athletes carry within them and proudly participate in the Paralympic Games.

Empathy is the great value that gives people strength, to overcome every obstacle and they are always ready to give the maximum of their potential: To kalitero tous! 

In his greeting, the President of Cyprus National Paralympic Committee (CNPC), Mr. A. Kamarlingos thanked the strategic partner of the Cyprus Paralympic Committee, Charalambides Christis and especially the owner of the company Mr. Alexis Charalambides and stated that Cyprus National Paralympic Committee (CNPC), is ready to continue their collaboration with Charalambides Christis company with additional actions within the framework of our strategic plan for the promotion and advancement of the Paralympic movement in Cyprus.

Mr. Alexis Charalambides, the President of Charalambides Christis emphasized that: “By observing the works of children, we discover that exclusions and restrictions on human rights do not exist and should not exist. The message of our students is clear, strong, and universal. "Everyone has the right to sports!", and therefore ‘’Eimaste nikites’’. ("We are winners".)

In his speech, the Minister of Education, Culture and Youth Mr. Prodromou said that it is a moment of joy when we have the opportunity to admire the creativity, sensitivity, and empathy, which children show through beautiful artistic creations, which are also regarded as statements of moral values and awareness representing that we are all in this together when it comes to sports and Olympism.

Through a multi-level action program, Charalambides Christis has as a goal that the awarded works of the students will communicate as powerfully and effectively as possible, the message of the Paralympic spirit through/will be communicated as powerfully and effectively as possible through the awarded works of the students. Thus, in addition to the collectibles of Charalambides Christis fresh milk, the works will decorate large murals in central kiosks * throughout Cyprus, and on a specific site on the internet, on which all the award-winning creations will be included. Finally, using barcodes (QR Codes) consumers will be able to access the art works and get all the relevant information of all these materials.

According to the terms of the competition, 5 projects were awarded, 3 in the category 6-9 years & 2 in the category 10-12. In particular, the following students were awarded:

-Anna Vassiliou, 2nd grade, 4th Primary School of Aradippou, Agios Fanourios
-Ekaterina Sarkisian, 1st grade, Talas Primary School
-Angelos Avramidis, 2nd grade, Primary School of Votolofos
-Anna Kiurtzidou, 4th grade, Agios Antonios Primary School (ACT)
-Nicolas Michaelides, 4th grade, Latsia Primary School

Also, due to the excellent artistic expression, 4 awards were given to: 
- Emma Savva, F', 4th Primary School of Aradippou, Agios Fanourios
-Styliana Schiza, 6th Primary School of Psimolofos
-Leyli Kerbabaeva, 6th grade, American Academy, Limassol
-Agathi Savva, 6th grade, Primary School of Grillofos

Charalambides Christis will donate a cash prize to each school that has won, for the benefit of all children, while the 5 projects that were awarded will be used in the illustration of the 1 litre fresh milk packaging, by Charalambides Christis.

The jury participants/members were Mr. Efthymios Polydorou on behalf of KEBE, Mrs. Elena Pasiardi and Mrs. Nikoletta Augusti on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture and on behalf of Charalambides Christis, the Committee included Mrs. Lia.

* The kiosks that will be decorated by the murals with the works of the students are:
Maro and Drakoumel Kiosk in Nicosia, Sarvesh Kiosk and L&A Roundabout Kiosk in Limassol and Point Kiosks (Dromolaxia, Faneromeni & Makariou) in Larnaca.

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