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Cypriot Sketch Writing Competition | Charalambides Christis

May 23, 2023

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Can you fit the tradition, customs and habits of our place, in the Cypriot dialect and create a 25-minute comedy or drama episode? Decide and take part in the annual RIK Radio Contest, for writing a Cypriot Sketch. Write and send, to… “kalitero sou”, by August 11, 2023.

Along these lines, this is the first time that Public Radio and Television as well as the Charalambides Christis company have organized a press conference this year. This was occasioned by the announcement of the Radio Cypriot Sketch Writing Competition for 2023, which this year takes place in memory of an unforgettable person, Dora Kakouratou. The press conference was held today, Monday, May 22, 2023, in Pera Orinis, where the Cypriot television sketch is being filmed. Representatives of the media and people of culture attended the conference as well.

In his greeting, the General Director of RIK, Mr. Thanasis Tsokos, emphasized that "for RIK, beyond an obligation, it is at the same time joy and satisfaction, to support culture and the arts through the Cypriot sketch competition. We consider it important, he continued, that the RIK contributes to keeping the language and the tradition alive while creators are encouraged to write, participate and nobly compete. The "Cypriot Sketch", he added, is a cultural creation of RIK and its people, which was born on the day the Cypriot radio started its journey, on October 4, 1953, and still maintains its content, structure and characteristics unaltered".

Mr. Tsokos expressed the sadness and displeasure of Public Radio and Television as the application for the addition of Cypriot Sketches to the list of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage was rejected by the Cyprus National UNESCO Committee. He wished that he would not have to express this statement during his speech and hoped that this would change.

He also announced that "RIK renews its appointment with "Cypriot Sketch" for the new television season 2023 - 24. Filming of the new episodes began today (Monday, May 22, 2023) in Pera Orinis". Those who were there had the opportunity to watch the filming live and take a tour around the television production areas.

RIK's significant contribution to culture has found Charalambides Christis as an ally and strategic partner in recent years. The Managing Director of Charalambides Christis, Mr. Marios Constantinou said: "RIK is identified with our history and has established the institution of Cypriot Sketches, which adds layers to our cultural tradition. It cultivates our memory and traditional aesthetics since keeping with traditions is of the utmost importance for future generations. He also added that Charalambides Christis represents a huge part of the Cypriot tradition of dairy farming. A deep-rooted industry in time, in society, in the local economy and in everyday life. He noted that in this way, tradition, history and culture are united.

The Head of the Radio Department, Mrs. Katerina Milioti, emphasized that "Sketch on the radio is the favourite company and habit on Sunday afternoons, while the television audience also gives a vote of confidence to the Cypriot Sketch, which has been shown on RIK's screens for decades."

It is worth mentioning that the Cypriot Sketch is embraced by writers, old and new, and this can be seen from the number of entries. More specifically, in 2021, 78 entries were submitted, while in 2022, 108.

The terms of the competition have been posted on the RIK website and the Competition ends on August 11, 2023.

Starting this year, the sums of money offered for the three prizes of the Cypriot Sketch writing competition, and the radio playwriting competition which will be announced in the summer, have increased.

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