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Thanks to the new Ambient distribution network, Charalambides Christis proudly presents Nandos, Ryvita, & Jordan!

September 7, 2022

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Charalambides Christis, the leading company in Cyprus food production, makes constant and targeted investments in the distribution of its products.

With an exemplary distribution network covering 3,200 points of sale, serving at least 2,500 customers, it dominates the market by consistently maintaining high levels of consumer satisfaction.

Recently, Charalambides Christis created a new specialized distribution network, in order to serve the needs imposed by 3 new categories of "dry cargo" products from leading foreign brands.

Remaining completely faithful to the strategy of continuously expanding the options it offers to the public, the global products Nandos, Ryvita, and Jordan, will now reach all households in Cyprus through Ambient, the new specialized distribution network.

Charalambides Christis is once again a pioneer, enriching its range with top products that meet modern needs.

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Charalambides Christis, the largest and longest living Cypriot milk industry is a leader in the production and distribution of foods. The company has always offered products of high nutritional value, according to the international quality standards, showing care throughout the supply chain, by cooperating with local producers.

The quality offered by Charalambides Christis has been recognized internationally, with the company being active in exports in more than 32 countries, constituting the largest export company in Cyprus. 

The vision of the company is to offer products of high nutritional value, maintaining the authenticity of flavors through unlimited choices of quality food enjoyment, with free and equal access to all Cypriot citizens and consumers, as well as to contribute decisively to the new model of sustainable development, with respect for human nature and younger generations.

The mission of the company is to take its part for a viable and better future for all, and also develop and promote the multi-level dietary heritage of Cyprus throughout the world.

By staying focused on its vision, it also makes a positive impact on the society of Cyprus. In the context of social responsibility, the company implements the integrated program “Symmetochi”, which is a program of social solidarity and practical contribution, the core of which are children and younger people, improving their health conditions, diet, education and entertainment.

Having Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance as the core of its strategy, Charalambides Christis has designed a comprehensive ESG program, which is developed throughout the ecosystem of the company, while by being in the same terms with the new model of sustainable development, as well as with “Symmetochi”, they aim to create added value also under the adoption of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development of the UN.

The actions performed by Charalambides Christis, also embrace sports, promoting the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic ideals, as a Great Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the National Paralympic Committee of Cyprus, as well as by supporting athletes, Olympic winners and Paralympic winners from Cypress In multiple levels.

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