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The Charalambides Christis #myMilk consumers reward programme is evolving through the ScanNGet application!

February 28, 2020

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Charalambides Christis, the largest dairy industry in Cyprus, recognised for its quality and innovation, is evolving the #myMilk consumer rewards programme. The programme was created two years ago, to reward and thank consumers for the love and trust they show for the Charalambides Christis brand.

From March 1st, Charalambides Christis, by taking advantage of the potential of technology, will be linked up with the ScanNGet application and the Charalambides Christis #myMilk rewards programme will be changing its operating system, becoming simpler, more dynamic, and more up-to-date. From now on, the redemption process can be completed at a faster speed and with more flexibility, as the consumer can now complete his transaction with just one single step. The process is simple, the consumer will just take a photograph of the purchase receipt containing the products that are included in the #myMilk rewards programme, and he will automatically collect the corresponding points. Every month, the points will be converted into cash and will be deposited into the consumer’s bank account.

The new #myMilk platform features 55 Charalambides Christis codes, for which each code corresponds to a specific number of points, and with the completion of 300 points, 1 euro will be deposited in each member’s bank account.

More specifically, the #myMilk rewards programme is being upgraded with all of the Charalambides Christis product categories, giving back in return for all the love and trust that Cyprus shows for all the Charalambides Christis products every day.

The new #myMilk platform includes: all the types of Charalambides Christis Fresh Milk (Full-fat, Light, Skimmed, Bio Goat’s Milk, Delact and Plus), all of the Charalambides Christis flavoured milk (chocolate milk, chocolate milk with no-added sugar, banana milk), all of the “Straggato” Charalambides Christis Yoghurt tubs (Authentic Straggato, Straggato Light, Straggato 2%, Straggato 0%, Straggato fruta), Charalambides Christis Cheese (Feta, Edam sliced cheese, Edam Light, Gouda Cheese and Gouda Light), Charalambides Christis Dairy Cream and Sour Cream.

The new online platform for the #myMilk rewards programme will be in effect as of the 1st of March 2020 and consumers can download the application for free at the below links:

Android :

iOS :

Charalambides Christis is the largest and longest-running Cypriot dairy industry, and a leader in food production and distribution. The company, while preserving the authenticity of flavours, timelessly provides and always in accordance with the international standards of quality and know-how, products of high nutritional value and quality. The quality of Charalambides Christis is internationally recognised, with the company being active in exports in more than 32 countries, making it the largest export company in Cyprus. Apart from being one of the strongest industries in Cyprus, Charalambides Christis is also distinguished for its Corporate Social Responsibility. With the company’s programme of active giving and social solidarity "SYMMETOCHI", it effectively responds nationwide to the social needs of the whole country. Charalambides Christis supports and honours sports. In this context, and remaining loyal to its mission and commitment to communicating the Olympic and Paralympic principles, Charalambides Christis will be participating as the Main Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee. At the same time, it will be supporting multi-sport Cypriot athletes, Olympians and Paralympians through the Pancyprian campaign “On the road to Tokyo with ToKaliteroMas!”.

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