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Protection of children's rights | Charalambides Christis

September 13, 2022

On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, in a particularly pleasant atmosphere that resembled a celebration for children’s rights, the press conference was held to announce the launch of the Pancyprian campaign, "We participate in the protection of children’s rights", which took place at Konstantinoupoleos Primary School and was hosted by the humanitarian organization "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center (HFC) with the strategic cooperation of Charalambides Christis, within the framework of actions of the social solidarity program of the company which is known as "SYMMETOCHI".

Alongside the ringing of the bell for the new school year, the launch of the campaign was also marked, which is under the auspices of the Commissioner for the children’s rights and includes a series of actions to strengthen the efforts of HFC and "SYMMETOCHI" to inform children, parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers and to raise awareness among the wider public about children's rights and their protection.

This important gathering was attended by the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, the Commissioner for the Protection of Children's Rights, Ms. Despo Michailidou Livaniou, the Mayor of Strovolos, Mr. Andreas Papacharalambous, the Director of the Humanitarian Sector of HFC, Ms. Andria Neokleous, the CEO of Charalambides Christis, Mr. Marios Constantinou, as well as the Principal of Konstantinoupoleos Primary School, Ms. Maria Fotiou.

During the press conference, there was a presentation of the informational booklet with the title, "The passport to your rights" which gathers the rights of the child based on the UN Convention, written in child-friendly language. This booklet is a tool of the campaign and with the already given approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, it will be gifted to 60

thousands of students from Primary and Secondary schools in Cyprus. It is worth noting that the initiator of the campaign is Kasra Mulot, a young ambassador of the Organization from the American International School Cyprus and holder of the Hope For Children Founder's "International Children's Rights Defender Award". Kasra and the organization's team of young ambassadors at his school worked together with the organization's professionals to create the "Passport to your Rights" booklet and shape the campaign's actions. The goal of these children is to inform all children and adults about children’s rights and the protection that the state and society must provide them.

The campaign will include visits by the professionals of the “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center to school units for presentations and training for teachers and children as well as for organizing informative and entertaining events for children, their families and the general public.

On behalf of HFC, the Director of the Humanitarian Sector, Ms. Andria Neocleous, thanked Charalambides Christis company for the long-term strategic cooperation and their acceptance to actively participate in supporting this Pancyprian campaign. At the same time, he thanked the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, the Commissioner for the Protection of Children's Rights and the Mayor of Strovolos for the continuous cooperation and support and all the involved bodies who recognized the importance of this campaign and rushed to support it. He also stated: "Once again the young Ambassadors of the Organization did their part in our work to promote the protection of children and their rights. We are particularly pleased that the Ministry of Health is promoting the campaign material for use by teachers in the context of teaching the thematic unit "Rights & Obligations" of the detailed Health Education Program. In this way, we are sure that the campaign will have a significant impact."

In her greeting, the Commissioner, Ms. Michailidou Livaniou, expressed her satisfaction with the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to distribute the "Passport to your Rights" to all children aged 6-15. During her greeting, she said: "I could not refuse the proposal to put the "Passport to your Rights" under the auspices of the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of the children’s rights, especially when this action is the result of an initiative taken by the children themselves as Ambassadors of the “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center.

Children who are trained and sensitized and by practically applying their right to participation, strengthen with this excellent work the effort to acquaint children with their rights in order to defend and claim them."

The HFC Ambassadors team from the American International School of Cyprus also attended the press conference and spoke about the initiative taken by their team to create the booklet "The Passport to Your Rights" and the messages they want to convey in it from this.

In turn, the CEO of Charalambides Christis, Mr. Marios Constantinou, said: "Through this very important and essential joint initiative of the international humanitarian organization "Hope for Children" CRC Policy Center, we place children and their rights at the centre of our activities. The protection of children's rights is for us more than an act of corporate social responsibility, it is our obligation and our responsibility, both individually and collectively. As Charalambides Christis and as "SYMMETOCHI", we actively participate through our packaging itself, as from September 15, all Charalambides Christis Fresh Milk packaging will function as an information vehicle for the good, for the best for our children".

The Mayor of Strovolos, Mr. Papacharalambous said that from the first moment, when the young ambassadors presented the actions of the campaign, he recognized its importance and expressed his support for it. He characteristically stated "With great joy and willingness the Municipality of Strovolos participates in the efforts of the HFC, supporting in every way the promotion of children’s rights. I thank both the organization and the children of the American International School as well as Charalambides Christis for the strategic collaboration so that this edition reaches as many children as possible".

At the end of the Press Conference, the Minister of Education and Culture stated "Through our long-term cooperation with Hope For Children, we implement many actions to protect the rights of every child. In the context of these actions, teachers and parents are informed about their children’s rights. Today, we are especially happy that this information will reach the children themselves, through the manual that will be created and distributed to all schools. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth stands by such actions and is committed to supporting them. We thank HFC and its young Ambassadors for the initiative and its implementation, and Charalambides Christis for the support".

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